Residential Curriculum


The Core Aims of the residential curriculum at High Grange are to:

Enable young people to manage independently in a range of personal and community activities.

  • Provide learning experiences in a range of settings to achieve independence.
  • Develop strategies for appropriate behaviour in all settings.

Development of Independent Living Skills

Young people attending High Grange School who live in the Children’s Home have access to a wide range of physical and social environments to develop concepts, attitudes, knowledge and skills, which will enable them to eventually take their place as adults within the community.


The Registered Manager organises and manages a large team of fully trained care workers, providing a high staff to student ratio in order to support the young people in all aspects of the residential curriculum. Each young person will also have his or her own dedicated key-worker who will support and have specific oversight of personal needs and progress.

Statement of Purpose 

Statement of Purpose October 2018

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