Residential Curriculum

High Grange Statement of Purpose Febraury 2019


The Core Aims of the residential curriculum at High Grange are to:

High Grange School is a school for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and associated communication and behavioural difficulties. Attached to the school there are four six bedded detached Lodges named Holly Lodge, Willow Lodge, Maple Lodge and Oak Lodge. They were built in 2011 and are collectively registered with Ofsted as a Children’s Home. The Registered Children’s Home can offer accommodation for up to 24 children. Registration with Ofsted, falls under the category of ‘Learning Disability’; and includes children and young people formally diagnosed and recognised with an autism spectrum disorder and other associated difficulties.

a) Overall aims and objective

The aims of the Children’s Home are: –

• To offer high quality homely accommodation to young people aged between 8 and 19 years which exceed the Children’s Homes Regulations and Standards
• To safeguard and provide security, stability and consistency of care for young people who attend the school and residential lodges
• Our residential team aim to provide support, personalised care and guidance to ensure young people are encouraged to progress, develop and succeed within a safe and secure environment
• To offer a residential experience to support young people to achieve the best that they can be through promoting and developing confidence, self-esteem, personal awareness, life skills and resilience.
• To equip our young people with the skills they need to function as adults within the wider community through offering social opportunities and exposure to new experiences offered through a structured and progressive social and educational activities programme
• To work with High Grange Specialist School and Therapists (where identified) to provide support and education in the most appropriate manner and suitable for each unique child, or young person residing in our homes.
• We aim to deliver the right support and preparation for adulthood through
1. Independent living skills
2. Good health and emotional well being
3. Enjoy and Achieve
4. Friendship, relationship and community
5. Achieve economic well-being, work experience and employment
opportunities, transition planning to independent living

In order to achieve these aims the following objectives have been set:

• To develop a multi-skilled, highly trained, and experienced care staff team.
• To deliver an effective key worker system that puts young people at the heart of personalised learning
• To utilise effective assessment and recording systems that track learning and progress
• To create a warm, safe and welcoming environment where young people are encouraged to personalise their home and have a “voice”
• To encourage positive relationships and support for the placement by working closely with parents/carers and/or outside agencies
• To nurture each child’s self-confidence and self-esteem with the aim of enriching lives of the young people in our care.
• To develop opportunities for young people to socialise through a range of activities’ in house and within the wider community as funding permits and transition work applies.

Our philosophy and vision is linked to the following objectives:

Our aim is to deliver a quality educational and/or residential experience to all our young people and to equip them with the skills they need to be contributing members of whichever community they move into. Promoting life chances and opportunities are key for “Preparing for adulthood” through;
• Security within a safe environment that takes carefully calculated risk to develop a young person’s learning, encouraging young people to take control and make decisions about their daily life
• Develop an understanding of a “healthy lifestyle”
• To offer a range of appropriate opportunities and routines for all young people to extend/reinforce what has been achieved during the school day and beyond
• To provide adequate and appropriate opportunities for young people to have freedom to explore and extend their personal interests and experiences, and to have social opportunity to interact with a wider peer group in a range of external settings
• To encourage the development of a positive self-image and respect for themselves, others and the environment
• A residential Team who will act as appropriate role models
• Consistency in routine and care
• Celebration of achievement and recognition for positive behaviours
• Opportunities for self-expression, promoting “the children’s voice”
• Opportunities for Choice and diversity
• Enriching educational and life experiences using our extensive and unique resources and staff team.

The whole atmosphere at High Grange is one of assurance and confidence where a young person’s efforts can be privately and/ or publicly acknowledged. There is celebration of achievement, balanced with reward and permissible sanctions where appropriate. Positive behaviour is always promoted through House rules and consultation with our young people

We believe that all young people should be nurtured, active, respected, responsible, included, kept safe and healthy. We encourage our young people to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

This philosophy is carried through in practice by offering the young people in the Lodges Life Skills opportunities and training; as well as the experience and challenges of a wide range of leisure activities that promote social skills, team spirit and personal development. These include: –

• Personal care, laundry skills, an understanding of a healthy diet, encouragement to try new foods, meal planning and preparation, shopping, budgeting skills and general household chores
• We have a wide range of resources at High Grange such as a swimming pool (term time only), football area, tennis, games court, cycling and a gym
• Young people are encouraged to access the local community and develop their interests and hobbies such as swimming, bowling, cinema, youth club, Laser Quest, and horse riding.
• Trips can be arranged outside school hours (I.e. Alton Towers, Adventure Parks, indoor climbing and camping trips) after due planning, and agreement.

High Grange Residences assists young people to develop the discipline, social skills and life skills necessary to integrate into society successfully, by implementing structure and routine that is important in ‘day to day’ life. We actively encourage our young people to “have a say” and be instrumental in decisions about their life

Young people attending High Grange School who live in the Children’s Home have access to a wide range of physical and social environments to develop concepts, attitudes, knowledge and skills, which will enable them to eventually take their place as adults within the community.


The Registered Manager organises and manages a large team of fully trained care workers, providing a high staff to student ratio in order to support the young people in all aspects of the residential curriculum. Each young person will also have his or her own dedicated key-worker who will support and have specific oversight of personal needs and progress.



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