About Us

Educational Approach

High Grange School’s multi-disciplinary approach incorporates best practices and autism-friendly strategies and supports in order to meet the educational needs of students who have ASD.

Our students learn how to develop and use effective compensatory strategies to overcome difficulties in social and emotional processing, communication and flexibility in thinking and behaviour, all of which can combine to have a negative impact on their learning.

The design of the school; its environment and facilities; and the structure and delivery of our educational programmes are created to reduce the stress and anxieties often associated with an autism spectrum condition.

Our enabling teaching approach provides multiple physical and practical opportunities as well as visual supports for learning. This helps students to achieve their full potential by understanding and dealing with personal challenges while making the most of their abilities and strengths. Managing expectations realistically is a core part of our educational programme.

Individualised Learning Plans are created for all students with input from the school’s specialist therapists. These plans include strategies to enable students to manage their anxieties; to regulate their emotional responses; and to reduce or eliminate negative and inappropriate behaviours which are preventing effective learning and positive social interactions.

During the school day students have access to a varied and stimulating curriculum which is complemented by extension activities, offered in the Children’s Home for residential students. The Classes are grouped by Key Stage and students are taught in small groups of up to 6. Teachers use detailed planning to ensure each individual is enabled to achieve in all areas. Classrooms are well-equipped and include specialist facilities for Music, Art & Design, D&T, Science, Computer Science and ICT, Food Technology and Performing Arts. High Grange has excellent PE facilities, including a swimming pool, large gymnasium, hard court areas and extensive grassed areas.

  • Assessment placements and individualised transition arrangements.
  • Day and residential options for boys and girls aged 8 to 19.
  • Flexible placements from 38 to 52 weeks.
  • Small class groups with high staff to student ratios.
  • Student quiet rooms and individual learning rooms.
  • Excellent PE and sports facilities.
  • Highly personalised programmes of learning.
  • Access to on-site Clinical Psychology and independent Counsellors.
  • Speech, Language and Communication Therapy.
  • Occupational Therapists with specialisms in Sensory Integration.
  • Full-time School Nurse on staff.
  • Family Support and Training.
  • Access to the full National Curriculum as well as a range of GCSEs, BTECs and other accredited courses.
  • Staff-supported college placements, vocational courses, work-related learning opportunities and the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince’s Trust Awards.
  • Transport is provided for day students on established routes (subject to the student maintaining safe and appropriate behaviour.)

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