Following our recent full education Ofsted inspection conducted between the 27th – 29th November 2018 by HMI Simon Hollingsworth, High Grange School is delighted to state that the school has been judged ‘OUTSTANDING’ in the area of student ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare.’ The school was judged ‘GOOD’ in all other areas and remains a ‘GOOD’ school overall. All independent school standards were met with NO requirements. Safeguarding was fully compliant across all areas. The school is very proud of the outcomes attained and here are some direct quotes and positive outcomes from the Ofsted inspection report,


‘Pupils make outstanding progress in their personal development, behaviour and welfare because of the strong support that they receive from all staff, including therapy staff.’


‘The behaviour of pupils is outstanding.’


‘Pupils make rapid progress from often very low starting points. They achieve well.’


‘Pupils speak very highly of the care and support they receive from all staff. They greatly value this support.’


‘Pupils receive precise support from therapy staff to help them to develop their social and emotional skills. Over time, pupils can communicate more effectively. This enables them to interact well with other pupils and with staff and to act with increasing independence.’


‘All staff share the leaders’ ambitions for the pupils. They provide precise care and support to enable pupils to adopt positive attitudes to their learning and to each other. Due to this, pupils grow in confidence and develop their social and emotional skills very well.’


‘Teachers and teaching assistants have strong relationships with pupils, which they use well to ensure that pupils adopt positive attitudes to their learning and grow in confidence.’


‘In lessons, pupils behave well and engage with their learning. When pupils lose interest in their work, adults provide quick and effective support to enable the pupils to re-engage quickly with their learning. As a result, little learning time is lost, while other pupils in the room can continue with their learning undisturbed.’


‘Senior leaders and governors are ambitious for their pupils. They ensure that pupils receive the support and opportunities necessary to enable them to become confident and successful.’


‘Senior leaders have high expectations for their pupils. They ensure that pupils receive the support that they need to help them to engage well with their learning, manage their behaviour and grow in confidence. Pupils make strong progress in their learning and outstanding progress in their personal development as a result of this support.’


‘Staff are highly vigilant of pupils’ welfare and safety. Pupils know staff will help them to resolve any anxieties that they may have.’


‘Attendance is well above that seen nationally in similar schools. Pupils receive highly effective support to ensure that they attend regularly.’


‘Pupils receive effective opportunities to prepare for adulthood. Learning to use public transport, visiting the local community and learning about personal hygiene ensure that pupils develop the skills that they need to live independently.’


‘Senior leaders who are responsible for safeguarding take timely and effective action to support pupils about whom they have a welfare concern. Where appropriate, they maintain regular contact with parents and carers and make referrals to external agencies. In working with these agencies, leaders are tenacious in securing the support that the pupils need.’


‘Teachers use their knowledge of pupils’ interests well when planning learning. This ensures that pupils are interested in what they are learning and engage well in the lesson.’


‘Teaching assistants provide well-targeted support to pupils to ensure that they are secure in their understanding. Teaching assistants receive appropriate training to ensure that they provide effective support, including to support pupils to develop their social skills.’


‘The carefully crafted key stages 2 and 3 curriculum ensures that pupils develop their understanding and skills well across a wide range of subjects, including English, mathematics and science. Enrichment activities, including off-site visits to local places of interest, enable the pupils to explore their learning beyond the classroom.’


‘As pupils move into key stage 4, they choose from a wide selection of subjects, working towards qualifications that are appropriate to their level of ability and their intended next steps. Excellent advice and guidance, including from external professionals, ensure that pupils choose subjects which interest them and which will best serve them for their next steps, including any career interests that they may have.’


‘All pupils move on to sustained places of education or training when they have completed their key stage 4 studies. Most pupils remain at the school and study qualifications at an appropriate level in the school’s post-16 provision. Some pupils continue with their studies at local mainstream schools and colleges.’


‘Pupils told the inspector that they feel safe at the school. They know that there are staff to whom they can speak if they are feeling anxious or have a concern. They know that staff will listen to them and take effective action to help resolve their concern.’


The school is pleased with the overall judgements and the OFSTED report is both comprehensive and very complimentary. To gain an outstanding in the area of personal development, behaviour and welfare is a fantastic achievement and one to celebrate. I would like to thank the senior leadership team Philip McBride, Chris Haines, Alison Seager Spicer, Matthew Cottrell and Daniel Hunnisett for their hard work and commitment over the past three years working towards this inspection. I am very fortunate to witness the hard work and commitment the senior leadership team put in to the school day in day out. The hours of dedication are quite something to behold. I would like to also thank the wider education team and the schools MDT team who all work tirelessly towards achieving the best possible outcomes for all students who attend High Grange School. The effort, passion and commitment from the High Grange School staff team is unbelievable and I feel very privileged to be principal and to lead this team of talented individuals. I also would like to thank the board of directors for their continued support and commitment to High Grange School. Finally, I would like to thank the parents and students for your continued dedication and support of the school. Together we will continue to grow, develop and improve.


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