Photography highlights

Subject of the week.  


In photography we have been working on our individual photography projects to achieve our Arts Award Bronze level. The topics the students have chosen are; Animals, Trees and Landscape photography.

Within theory lessons we have been researching the functions of DSLR cameras and how these can be used to manipulate an image. To demonstrate this, we took part in a motion blur photography project. The students researched the use of aperture, shutter speed and light. As a group we set up the DSLR cameras to the required settings needed to capture a moving image, we then used coloured torches to create light drawings. All the students said it was a difficult experience but were so pleased with the result!

High Grange student Z is a keen photographer. He visits a variety of locations both during school photography visits and during his free time outside of school. In school, Z has been learning about ‘depth of field’ whilst exploring creative ways to photograph fruit. Z has been learning how aperture and ‘f’ numbers affect the amount that is in focus in any given shot. He has taken some stunning photographs and used a selection of them to make photographic greetings cards to sell through his photography business. Last term Z worked on a collection of photographs exploring the theme of water surface pattern. Z photographed a variety of patterns found on the surface of water, selecting a set of nine to edit and crop. He then printed and mounted these on foamboard, ready for display. The resulting collection of prints demonstrate not only Z’s developing understanding of the visual nature of photography, but also his skills in ‘searching’ for the most suitable image and the selection and cropping skills involved in creating a series of photographic images connected by a common theme.

Here are some of the students group light drawing images, and images from their individual projects.

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