Science success

For this week’s subject focus we have chosen Science to take the spot light. Below we demonstrate the fantastic work our students have produced.


Lower School Science

To ensure a smooth transition between lower school and post-14 Lower 3 have been visiting the post-14 laboratory once each week this half term. They have been learning about molecules by making molecular models using the moly-mod kits and as part of their topic on the rock cycle they made some patterns with limestone chips and looked at the effect of acid rain.

Post 14 BTEC Level 2

This half term in science the first year BTEC level 2 student are making excellent progress on their coursework – which has included practical work on electrical circuits and the reactions of group 1 elements.

Second year BTEC students (10 students in total) are in the final stages of completing their coursework portfolios in biology, chemistry and physics – on target to get 11 passes, 12 merits and 7 distinctions. A massive improvement on last years’ achievements! (OUTSTANDING PROGRESS AND EFFORT)


Post 16 BTEC Level 3

For the first time this year we are offering BTEC level 3 course (A-level equivalent) During the autumn term this involved learning complex chemistry techniques such as titration. Now the practical work has turned to genetics – including extraction of DNA from kiwi fruit and looking at the anthers of flowers and the roots of pea plants under the microscope.

Students are currently preparing for the science mock exams and we wish them all the very best.


Over to you…. What subject would you like to hear about next week?

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