The Greatest Show

LOWER SCHOOL – Within the 3 lower school classes we have explored some interesting topics this term. In Drama we have focussed on play scripts and how to transfer what is on the script to the stage. We then focussed on creating our individual class videos for the Winter Showcase. The students went through the process of video making by firstly story boarding and scripting an idea and then filming and editing the finished product!

In Music we began the term focussing on Rock music, we explored different types of rock music and identified the instruments that make up a typical rock band. We also looked at the chord structures within rock and tried to create our own rock patterns. We finished the term in Music by investigating electronic music and how it came to be historically. The students have spent time experimenting with sounds in our studio and have also had the opportunity to use our DJ equipment. A great term in Performing Arts for Lower school. Well done to all.

AMELIA JACQUES – Amelia has spent this term focussing on her own compositions. She has made huge progress in her ability to sing with a live accompaniment and we identified early in the term that we wanted to take this this one step further and have Amelia perform her own compositions.

She has worked incredibly hard in her expressive arts lessons with the diligent support of her TA, Emma King in order to reach these goals and the fruits of her labour were witnessed by a record audience at the Winter Showcase 2018.  

THE GREATEST SHOW…..CASE! – This term saw the annual performance of our Winter Showcase and what a performance it was. With live acts from new students and old favourites alike including:

Amelia Jacques

Yazmin Mavish

Thomas Ireland

Andrew Credgington

Thomas Mitchell

William Wright

Zac Jones

I would like to thank all the staff and students who go above and beyond to ensure that the Showcase is a success annually. I would like to extend a special thanks to Nicola Foyle for her support and for taking what I envisage and making it a reality! Thank you.

The Winter Showcase is a highlight for many staff and students and only continues to grow year on year due to the time and effort that so many put into it.


Jonny Salt – Performing Arts Coordinator

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