what’s been going on inside the food technology room?

We have been holding monthly charity cake sales throughout 2018 and have just had our two most successful ever in October and November. William Hall helped initialise the fundraiser for Dougie Mac Hospice and on 26th October we managed to raise an amazing £100.15. Abigail Williamson, an ex pupil who left in 2017 returned to help bake and it was lovely to see her and hear about how much she is enjoying studying fashion at college. Tyler Leyland, Dominic Simpson, Tristan Kelly, Harry Monk and Cameron Hayward all helped to bake really tasty treats such as brownies, cookies and miliionaire’s shortbread.

For Children in Need at the end of November we raised a huge £132.42 from our cake sale and staff non uniform contributions. Alex Simcox, Dominic Simpson, Cameron Hayward and Tristan Kelly all worked really hard to help prepare and bake a wide variety of cakes, cookies and muffins.

On 14th December at our Winter Showcase we had a cake sale in aid of Save the Children. Thank you so much to all parents and staff who spent time baking for this, the cakes all looked really delicious, we even had festive pigs!

Gingerbread Houses

Once again we have kept up the High Grange tradition of building and decorating these wonderful Gingerbread Houses. Every pupil at school gets the opportunity to build and/or decorate a house. They all look fantastic and all are quite different. They are each gift wrapped and displayed at the Winter Showcase for all to see and finally to take home to enjoy. This year a couple of pupils took on the challenge to make a house from scratch, having to mix, roll, cut and bake all the separate pieces before constructing into a building. The results were impressive, a big well done to Alex Simcox and Dominic Simpson for their patience and skill making these.



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